Wednesday, 25 November 2015


                                                                                                                    Hebrews 11:24-27

                      Provided you believe in GOD, you have already seen beyond today, you are definitely assured of a glorious future as a genuine Christian. You may wonder if this message is about a letter because of its title, Yes it is! But you have to rephrase it as a question to answer with a true heart, can you honestly tell GOD in your letter to him that I am YOURS FAITHFULLY? , having examined the times and conditions of Moses in Hebrews 11:24-27, there is no other way to describe this man than ‘YOURS FAITHFULLY’, he denied himself so much royalty to wallow in poverty, he suffered so much in shame instead of enjoying so much fame, he chose to die with the gospel of truth than live for the treasures of the land and most of all, denied his origin to be aligned with the lineage of an Egyptian King not minding the sufferings that might come with its denial even onto death. All that he did was because of his faith in GOD. Can you reject the massive mansions of this world given to cover-up a fraud and stick to your faith in GOD to live in your hut? , are you able to see beyond your present situation of loss to launch you into a future of God’s glory?.

                   There is no wonder GOD also believed in Moses in his lifetime to set Israel free through him, anyone who is faithful to our invisible GOD and lays idle the visible treasures of this world, wins over the heart of our ever faithful GOD. Check your heart if truly you can turn down that fat cheque of bribe in your season of need, are you able to make your faith in GOD stand sure for you? I hope after you read this piece, you will be able to write GOD a letter of your life and have your final salutation as YOURS FAITHFULLY!

Saturday, 21 November 2015



      Things get so rough when people are faced with the truth, rough as not in rugby but rough as they tend to resist what is bound to set them free, rough as it seems harmful to accept every iota of it, what a life of irony for the king of freedom who finds it impossible to emancipate his people from slavery in his own kingdom, I wonder when the truth suddenly became a bone of contention unpalatable for loyal dogs to love. Truth hardly have friends despite the fact that it abides day and night through thick and thin in the hearts of men, we daily sleep and wake with it but boldly fear what is meant to strengthen our nurture. It is here on earth that a man was openly killed for the sake of speaking the truth and what baffles me most is that, even his slaughter ground has become a monument for Christian pilgrims all over the world to pay homage to whenever they visit Jerusalem till date even though crucifying Jesus was thousands of years back. Truth can never die no matter how brutally it was killed, even when he got buried in the tomb, he rose again. It is really not about what you think is right or not because thousands of years back people thought it was right to crucify Jesus the Messiah, the standard for truth does not waver for whatever situation that may pose itself for truth only says one thing and does not change its words because it has no other thing to say but truth itself.

              Truth is loyal, truth is honest, truth is love, truth is the beat in your heart that drums out conscience, truth is the mandate that fulfills promises to those who believe in you, on what other grounds can integrity build its foundation except for truth?, truth is the air that makes us breathe, truth is the sun that never denies its shine despite rainy days, truth is also the moon that glows through the night despite its darkness. It has to dawn on men that the need for truth is not dependent on the fact that after it has been said, it will be pleasing for all to admit, I suppose that is the reason it has a way of being hidden or rather does not receive a warm reception. It’s also true that having all the riches to buy the most expensive things in life is not what immortalizes a man neither can all the money in the world buy life, but owning to oneself virtues rich in truth is what forever blesses a man and his generation with a good name. There is a strong correlation between truth and goodness or perhaps a truthful man is obsessed with goodness, there is no wonder Jesus was known to be doing good everywhere he went because how will a man openly declare that people should love their enemies, bless those who curse them, do good to those who hate them and pray for those who spitefully use them and persecute them, this man must have been truthful to the point that he knows people are offended by the truth and it brews hatred in their hearts leading to not being loved by everyone and the worst that can be done to defend oneself is to be extremely good to them no matter the pain we are subjected to.

                         Believe no man that says you need not to know the truth because I can confidently tell you that what you don’t know will surely not save you, so you need to know, you need to know the truth, you need to know the story of truth while he was physically here on earth, you need to know how he willingly gave his life that you may never die, you need to know he will give you a lifestyle assured of life after death, you need to know the good news of Christ, you need to know that JESUS is the one and only gospel of truth. I have lost so many opportunities in life never to be regained and you will agree with me that you might have lost such as well, it is not a good feeling when I also think of all the mistakes I have done that has cost me a wasted period of time and how the shame is irreversible, but it all changed the moment I met JESUS the TRUTH, his words brought comfort to my soul, made me know that I am a new creature and all regrets, mistakes and shame were meant to lead me to the right path of life, He said I went through them to realize that there is no life outside him and now that I am in him, all that I have been battling has shaped me to become a battle axe that wins all life battles. This same reason has brought me before you to let the world know that this goodness Jesus has extended to me is not limited, you have the right to partake in it as well and all you have to do is accept JESUS the truth as your personal Lord and Saviour, confess your sins and never return to them for there was no iota of lie in his words when he said ‘I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except by Me’, the host of heaven is rejoicing over your decision in knowing to accept the truth because only the truth can set you free.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

To whom it may BE!!!


           I will die someday but I tell you of a truth that death will never come to your household neither will it visit your offspring,your lineage will live forever to see and suffer from the troubles of this world you have confidently given people to wallow in while you were great and also experience the shame you have brought upon them with your deeds in your lifetime for evil is the only reward you honor the helpless and innocent with,shall you not eat out of your hard earned labor? Yes you surely must! but it won't only be for you but also for your generations yet to come.I have tried so much to cast a curse on you or better still kill you on the spot if I could but unfortunately all has been to no avail,this morning as I rose from bed my heart made out with all you have done to mankind and all I could do was make you my prayer point.
In all fairness,I know this will meet you in the best state of mind just as I reminisce of the innocent souls you have killed with your greed even the yet-to-be born babies you have hindered from coming into this world,positions designated to you in-order to help the people but instead you trample upon them the more,how long will you live on earth that have fortified yourself with so much armor of evil? I always thought only men with guns,bombs and cutlasses were the deadly evil kings until I realized those destructive plans to gradually crucify my people can only be mapped out by a wicked demigod like you. It is nice to see you deprive your people of comfort by stealing funds meant for their ought-to-be good standard of living and developing quarters you were called to serve them with because what every man sows he surely will reap.

             I wish I could join the crowd to say she is "LATE" but what is late about a person who against all odds stood her grounds not to see the masses die from fake drugs,attempted to be killed different times by life snatchers yet death was not cold enough to embrace her,millions of people could relate to potent drugs during her tenure,so many life she saved even without knowing them from adam. Did you hear the evergreen Professor Dora Akunyili is dead? Oh you heard! Sorry its a rumor because the millions of people her goodwill has hindered from going to their early graves will tell her story to the world from generation to generation like the christian faithfuls propagate the gospel of Christ from years past till date.
Turn to the man next to you and see how you have eroded his life as a whole,look him in the eyes to perceive his hopes you have dashed away for a better tomorrow,I salute his courage because though he is wounded yet he is sure he has not lost the battle. I go down on my kneels to clean your shoes,shoes of the soldier of my future,I am doing it not because you have paid me to but because I see you fight so fiercely to own it all while your next minute is not assured to keep you alive,I need to clean them so well,make them shine bright and save them from smelling for when you have fought to death,from beyond will you thank me for having nothing yet my cleaning your shoes daily was all I had to keep you marching on every ground while you fought in vain.

Monday, 2 June 2014


When its a sigh,
It says there is a flop,
Not a situation to remember.

When its a lie,
It just made honesty drop,
The truth yet to deliver.

When its goodbye,
Our time on earth is not up,
God is the only decider.

When its a cry,
We pray the eyes does lockup,
Emotions yet to decipher.

When we keep on to try,
Faith places us on top,
Not knowing when the struggle will be over.

When they pry,
All for the slander hiccup,
Only you knows better.

When we ask why?,
The right answers they crop,
Reality never gets clever.

When time flies by,
Impossible to be caught by a trained cop,
Days ahead will shine brighter.

When inspiration is so high,
It goes beyond a rooftop,
The whole world is yours to conquer.

When we die,
For a minute celebrations will stop,
Not to keep silent forever.

When waterfalls run dry,
Look at a doubting bishop,
Curious if it was done by God the maker.

When its time to spy,
From the womb to earth we hop,
Hunger to know it all makes us prosper.

When the earth is far from the sky,
The clouds above needs no prop,
Mystery of life yet to discover.